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Company Information & Key Figures


Springer Nature, one of the internationally leading research publishers, is home to trusted brands including Springer, Nature Research, BioMed Central, Palgrave Macmillan and Scientific American. Springer Nature is also a leading educational and professional publisher, providing quality content through a range of innovative platforms, products and services.

The company numbers around 13,000 staff in over 50 countries. Springer Nature was formed in 2015 through the merger of Nature Publishing Group, Palgrave Macmillan, Macmillan Education and Springer Science+Business Media.

In 2015, Holtzbrinck Publishing Group and BC Partners merged Springer Science+Business Media in its entirety with the majority of Macmillan Science and Education. The new company, Springer Nature, is under joint control of Holtzbrinck and funds advised by BC Partners, with Holtzbrinck retaining a 53% share.

1. General information201720162015
Corporate name of mother companySpringer NatureSpringer NatureSpringer Nature
Corporate headquarter (country)GermanyGermanyGermany
Corporate headquarter (city)BerlinBerlinBerlin
Legal status of the groupprivateprivateprivate
Ownership structure / main shareholder(s)Holtzbrinck Publishing Group (53%), BC PartnersHoltzbrinck Publishing Group (53%), BC PartnersHoltzbrinck Publishing Group (53%), BC Partners
Recent changes of ownership 
Key personnel
(Chairperson, CEO, publisher, et al. – name, title)
Daniel Ropers (CEO), Martin Mos (Chief Operations
Officer), Ulrich Vest (Chief Financial Officer),
Steven Inchcoombe (Chief Publishing Officer),
Rachel Jacobs (General Counsel), Frank Vrancken
Peters (Chief Commercial Officer)
Derk Haank (CEO), Martin Mos (COO), Ulrich Vest
(CFO), Steven Inchcoombe (CPO), Rachel Jacobs
(General Counsel)
Derk Haank (CEO), Martin Mos (COO), Ulrich Vest
(CFO), Steven Inchcoombe (CPO), Rachel Jacobs
(General Counsel)
Total number of employees (group)around 13,000almost 13,000almost 13,000
Website (mother company / holding)www.springernature.comwww.springernature.comwww.springer.com
2. Financial information201720162015
Source for financial informationcompany informationcompany informationcompany information
Consolidated yes/noyesyesyes
Currency for financial informationmEURmEURmEUR
Total revenues
Corporate (million)
1 637.21 624.7*1 470.7*
Net profits / EBIT / EBITDA corporate (million)Adjusted operating income €374.4 million+)n.a.n.a.
Share of revenues from digital corporate (%)n.a.n.a.n.a.
Notes*) please note that figures for 2015 and for 2016
& 2017 are not comparable due to the merger
in 2015+) Net profit is given as adjusted
operating income, which is not equivalent to EBITDA
*) please note that figures for 2015 and 2016 are
not comparable due to the merger in 2015
*) consolidated accounts including Macmillan
Science and Education revenue from May to December
3. Activity portfolio201720162015
Main regions of activities & break down of
revenue (%)
EMEA (49%), Americas (31%), APAC (19%)n.a.EMEA (46%), Americas (32%), APAC (22%)

Analysis & Key Developments


Due to the merger and subsequent integration process between Springer and Nature publishing organizations, it must be noted that financials for 2015 cannot be compared meaningfully with 2016 or 2017 figures.

In May 2018, Springer Nature had prepared a 3.2 bnEUR stock market flotation, yet cancelled the IPO at the last minute, citing „market conditions“. (Reuters 8May2018)

Internal organization Change in management

  • Daniel Ropers, previously CEO of the Dutch online book retail platform bol.com, took over as Springer Nature CEO on 1 October 2017.

Change in ownership

The merger of Springer Science+Business Media with the majority of Macmillan Science and Education was completed in May 2015.


In 2017, Springer Nature:

  • Launched 30 new journals including Nature Human Behaviour, Nature Ecology and Evolution, Communications Biology, and Economics of Disasters and Climate Change.
  • Launched Springer Nature Experiments, to make the world’s largest collection of experimental protocols and methods more easily usable when planning and running experiments, helping to improve research lab productivity.
  • Published more than 90,000 open access articles. There were around 240 million downloads of fully open access articles on the BMC, nature.com and SpringerLink platforms.
  • Expanded range of research data support services, aimed at helping intuitions and funders to overcome some of the challenges that currently stand in the way of greater sharing of research data.
  • Launched, under the Macmillan Education brand, its English Medium programme of curriculum materials for teachers, students and parents which don’t have English as their first language.


In 2017, Springer Nature introduced SciGraph, a Linked Open Data offering which aggregates data sources from Springer Nature and key partners from the scholarly domain to make data important to the research process – for example, from funders, research projects, conferences, affiliations and publications – more discoverable. The number of accessible data relationships has expanded from 130 million to more than one billion.

SN SharedIt, the content sharing initiative of Springer Nature for non-commercial use through free, shareable links was extended across the Springer Nature-owned portfolio in 2017. In its first year, SharedIt links were used to read Springer Nature articles more than 3.2 million times, by readers from more than 40,000 institutions.

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